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Social Media and Work

Am not talking about social media for work, this post is about social media about work.

We all have those days, the ones where you just want to rant or can’t believe what has happened.  Now it is more tempting to put something on social media.  Whether it is a half attention-seeking post (I’ll PM you) or a meme or a straight forward direct comment, everyone has done it at some point unless you are very very strict, careful or do not use social media at all.

Unfortunately it is in those moments that it is more tempting to write something and you forget your normal rules (if you have any).  Personally I believe your personal and business pages should always be positive, there’s enough negativity in the news! If there is a post or details to share which can be negative then it’s worth adding to the post about how you will work to make a change, people react better to positivity.

The rule I apply is that anything I post I would shout out from my front door or write, print and put a poster up in the street with my name attached to it.  Many people still think that they won’t be found or that no one will see their posts.  The other question to ask is if you think no one will see your posts then why post it in the first place?!

Recently I’ve seen people who work in confidential positions writing comments and sharing negative things about what they do for a living or, even worse – their clients!  Maybe to show a bit about what they do or maybe just to vent in some way.  Why is it a good idea not to do this?  Some reasons are below………

  1. What you post will be found.  If someone wants to see it they will. I promise.
  2. Being negative about most things will lose some respect.
  3. Moaning and doing nothing doesn’t get very far plus it gives a bad impression
  4. The first thing employers do when receiving a job application is to google the person
  5. No one will ever say, follow this person / befriend so and so, their posts are brilliant

Think about your next post, is it proactive, is it positive? I once received a CV, googled the person and their Facebook page came up.  With no privacy settings I could see their whole profile, their last post – “Why do I bother driving to work to sit and do nothing all day and drive home again? Waste of time”  Would you ask that person in for an interview?


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Busy Busy Busy

I’ve just seen that my last blog post was 2 months ago.  My plan for 2017 was that I would write more as I’m no longer posting a picture every day – that has really not happened.

For the last 3 weeks I’ve been thinking I must write a blog post but I’ve never gotten around to it, there’s other things to do, or, when I sit down my mind goes blank as to what I should be doing.  So, I have gone back to the beginning. Wrote a list, prioritised the list and and working through it.  Am ensuring I have reminders on my phone that I don’t ignore with deadlines for things to be done.

For the month of February I am posting on @starfishorganisers each day with a tip and information on how to be organised.  I start with time (because, let’s face it that’s the most important thing and you can’t get it back!), then “stuff” and am currently on the third week talking paper – then the last week will be digital.

Be taking small steps it is easier to become more organised.  Maybe you can be similar to me and have a couple of hours charging through the house and to do list which makes you feel so much better about life.  Whatever way you do it, find that way and avoid procrastinating!

For the last 6 weeks (yes, we are 6 weeks into 2017 already!) we have been so busy.  I am constantly asked how we do it.  Am I tired?  Yes, Valentines evening I fell asleep at 9.30pm – oops! But I won’t go as far as saying I am too busy, I may mutter it when i have those not sure where to start moments however, some people use it as an excuse.  How often do you hear “I’m just too busy at the moment” or “I’ve got so much work on I can’t do that right now” for things that are in their normal routine or things they should be doing because it is their job!

Hands up, I was one of these people when in the Corporate World, constantly moaning about how I was too busy.  It even became some sort of sad competition between other members of the team about who was the busiest or had the most important things to do – how crazy does that sound?! What did it achieve? Stress, worry and just general negativity and bad feeling amongst the team.  Everyone felt that they were genuinely the busiest and most stressful person making them actually quite alone and dare I say it, selfish.

The truth is, everyone is busy, everyone has an important role at work, at home or doing what you enjoy.  It is more about how you prioritise!

A better way of working would be to share the load with the team.  It’s like something you may volunteer for, you do it because you enjoy it and want to help others so working with a team and as a team is less lonely and more enjoyable.  Treat work like this, break down tasks and discuss them with the rest of the team.  If you have too many, someone else may have less and can help or, you may find that there’s a better way of doing things which is far more efficient.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and consider what you are doing and talk  to those around.  You will feel better and even decrease the to do list – I promise!

Seeing up your own business and feeling a bit disorganised? Get in touch via E-mail or Phone as I’d love to hear how I can help you with your business.

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Goals, how will your 2017 go?

In November someone asked me whether I started the year planning to turn my work-life upside down.  Fair question, I started 2016 as a full-time employed Buyer (albeit on Maternity leave) with a good salary, lots of benefits, travel and great team around me.  I’ve ended 2016 employed by my own limited company, on less than a third of the salary with no benefits or travel working with a number of great teams.

This made me think back to all the other years.  It’s no secret that I worked with a life coach in the past and since then have created goals each year which I have mostly achieved.  From fitness goals to goals I wouldn’t have dared dream of to monetary and travel goals.

Each year for a number of years I have taken part of my life and turned it on it’s head and 2017 will be no different apart from one thing. Next year it is not about me it is about you.

I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to put myself first for the last few years and in a way I am still putting myself first but am also putting all my friends, family and new found colleagues slightly ahead of me.

Controversial? Possibly.  I’ve spent years telling everyone to put themselves first as no one else will do the same for you and now I’m not doing it.

This year has been hard work setting up the business, networking and building up what was initially an idea which has unfortunately meant important things haven’t happened or I’ve missed completely.  I’ve forgotten a lot, luckily my friends know me well enough to remind me what I’m doing each day but in some cases I have missed birthdays, anniversaries and parties which is not good.

This is why next year I’m putting everyone else first, staying away from social media (apart from work) as it’s hard to say “I don’t have the time” when you know you’ve just procrastinated on Faceache for the last 45 minutes and living life in the present rather than online or in the past.

I’ll still be building on the previous years; building up my fitness, travelling more, looking after the family and continuing with my business objectives as they’ve become a way of life rather than habits or goals which is the only way I can change for the longer term.

I’m always inspired by other peoples goals, let me know what your goals are, how you plan to stay inspired and on track, what motivates you and how you stay on target on those days when you just want to stay under the covers…..which by the way is definitely worth doing once in a while!

Here’s to a fantastically organised 2017!

Seeing up your own business and feeling a bit disorganised? Get in touch via E-mail or Phone as I’d love to hear how I can help you with your business.

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#myhappyyear in review

For those who don’t know, on 1st January 2016 I started posting a daily picture on Instagram under the tag #myhappyyear and #happy2016 and have continued to do so each day for the rest of 2016.

My idea started on New Years Day 2016. 2013, 2014 and 2015 were not the best of years with several close friends and relatives passing away so, I decided that 2016 was going to be a happy year (no one passed away in the December before or in January so that was a good start).  My Dad’s speech at my wedding in 2014 was mainly about being happy and the most important thing is doing what makes you happy each day so, after losing him suddenly in January 2015 when over 6 months pregnant I decided to make life as happy as I can.

I’ll be honest, when I started it, it seemed quite easy, each day appreciating something different from a holiday to a dog walk, from something which made me laugh to a great meal but there were days when I sometimes forgot to take a picture, getting caught up and enjoying the moment instead.  This was a good thing, although more and more pictures are being taken it is a great feeling to put the phone down and just enjoy life.

It’s the first year in a long time which hasn’t flown by.  Previously each year has felt like it is flying by faster and faster but, taking a step back and appreciating at least 1 thing everyday in 2016 has slowed it down.

I’ve had mostly positive and some negative comments about doing it which is fine, everyone has different opinions.  What made me continue were the people who said how much they loved my posts, how the posts made them happy and how much they enjoyed seeing my pictures each day. One thing I’ve learnt about myself is that I just want to help people; whether personally, I help them to be happier or in their work I work with them to achieve their goals.

Sounds corny right?  That is probably why I didn’t fit in the Corporate world but this is me, just wanting to help everyone to enjoy life as much as possible.  This is what I aim to do through my work albeit I ask for money in return for it but, I help people achieve their goals and improve and transform their lives and I enjoy every minute of it.

One person asked what will happen after day 365, what happens in 2017?

The answer? Day 365 is the last day.  I’ve enjoyed this year and will continue to post on social media but not everyday, it’s been great to get into a habit of appreciating something everyday.  I love that my posts have made people happy but it’s time to spend less time on social media.

Want to be happy, feel like life is flying by but you have goals you want to achieve? Get in touch via e-mail or phone and look out for a brand new plan as to how I can help you too coming soon.

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Christmas shopping, plans and goals

Whether you start in the January sales or push through the crowds on Christmas Eve, Christmas shopping is always an event.

This year I thought I had ages, you’re in November thinking you have all the time in the world and it’s a bit wrong to start before December anyway and then, bam, it’s 16th December, you have boxes and bags round the house and still haven’t finished!!

This year has been a bit busy, having a one year old, starting my own business, the other half going solo again alongside life as it happens. So when it has come to Christmas shopping I’ve been organised but some things have been left later than I would have liked.

Gone are the days when I could walk into Bury St Edmunds town at lunchtime, wandering round for ideas, buying gifts and going out for Christmas lunches.  Popping in when I’d run out of paper the night before and posting cards in advance of the busiest day for Royal Mail.

I started the business with a January 2017 goal – I had to be earning enough working on my own business by Christmas and, if not, I’ll have to get a “proper” job in January.  This included a budget for Christmas.  I always try and have an idea of what I want to spend at Christmas although have learnt over the years to buy people what I think they may like rather than checking price tags and sticking to an agreed budget.

Every other year we’ve had a normal, weekly routine which was easy to work around but this year hasn’t been as easy.  Juggling work, home and the extras of Christmas has needed more organisation.  I created a calendar for December to help get more organised for Christmas.

If you’re feeling like me, download and take a look, we’re nearly there but hopefully it can still help!


No matter how you organise Christmas, when you buy presents, how much you spend (hopefully within a budget) it’s cliche but, the important thing is to spend time with the people you care about most.

I’m lucky, I’ll be spending Christmas period with the people I love most and I’ve achieved my goal within my business for 2016 so here’s to 2017 and the goals it will bring.  Christmas should be fantastic, make sure it’s a great one!

Seeing up your own business and feeling a bit disorganised? Get in touch via E-mail or Phone as I’d love to hear how I can help you with your business.

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