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Where do I start?

Literally, where do I start. This is a question that I ask myself a lot at the moment, no on client work when it comes in but for my own business.  Which, by the way never feels like “real” work mainly I think because I’m not being “paid” for it so clients work always takes priority and my own business is second on the to do list.

I looked into starting my own business 3 years ago.  I was struggling at work in a people-sense not the actual work-sense so was looking for something different.  Unfortunately it wasn’t the right time.  I don’t know how I knew this but I just knew – plus, when I contacted Menta in BSE and had a 1-2-1 session the lady I had a meeting confirmed it.  Not in a direct way but asked a lot of questions which I was either vague about or didn’t have an answer at all.  (The 1-2-1 session was fab by the way and I would highly recommend it I just genuinely wasn’t ready and the lady helped with this!)

Then I had a baby and whilst I was off on maternity leave my job relocated…….and instead of being 12 miles from home it would be 155 miles so I was made redundant.  This meant I had to find another job.  Of course, having a 1 year old and wanting to have a part time job is easy to find – like rocking horse shit.  No one advertises for a part time buyer.  No one wants a part time buyer and lots of companies (at the time of looking) were going back to insisting on being in the office full time rather than working from home so London was out due to being out the door by 7am and back after 7pm.

I have to admit the cushion of redundancy money helped with the decision to go off on my own, which many people do not necessarily have but the main reason people are scared of starting up their own business comes down to money and paying for the roof over their head. So this year, I decided I was ready.

Whilst I was still at work I spent my holiday-days doing bits and pieces for my new business whilst being in charge of a 1 year old (who naps for an hour a day!) helps with phone calls that need to be done prior to bedtime….!! I got my business cards printed, set up a Facebook and twitter page, and google + because it is used – right?? And off I set because it must be that easy, all the “how to be successful / make a million / start a business” make it sound easy don’t they?!?

So welcome to my adventure, the ups, downs, hard work, easy work, no work (hopefully not!), of starting my own business with my other half.  This is not a how to make a million – although if it ends up like that then that’s awesome, it’s a worts and all story of Starfish Organisers Ltd.




Owner of Starfish Organisers Ltd, an organiser for your home, work or when life changes.

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