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Deciding on a name

Not sure why but deciding on a business name always seems to be the most important thing at the start.  Don’t get me wrong, whilst it is important it doesn’t mean you can’t get started without it.

In my head I thought that I couldn’t do anything without a name so it held me back.  As I am finding there is SO MUCH WORK to do to get started, do the work, market the business,  keep track of finances, research into charging, research into others doing similar things, websites, social media, networking……and that’s not all!

It was the other half which came up with the Starfish name, slightly corny (I have been told by “advisors” that it is not a great name) but I’ve stuck with it because I like it – I don’t have time or cash for research groups so my groups were my friends and contacts whilst still in FT corporate work and they liked it.  It has a story – The Starfish Story and relates to what I want to do as work.


I explained to the other half what I wanted to do (about 5 years ago now) and he purchased me the book The Star Thrower and explained the story to me.  Yes it is corny but I just want to help people, whether it is at home or in their work I can use my skills and experience to work with them to improve their lives – bold statement yes, but it must work as that is the feedback I receive when I have worked with clients.  We stuck with Starfish and just added the Organisers and Ltd bits to finish it.

So yes, a name is important and ask friends, neighbours, family, colleagues for help – it’s amazing what can come up after a pint or two but make sure you like it and are comfortable telling people what your business name is and why, remember people will always use the why as a follow up question but don’t let it hold you back or stop you doing literally anything else for your business.  There is a lot to do and it is hard work so avoid name procrastination and crack on with all the other bits.  If you truly love what you do or are planning to do everything will be so much easier and you never know a name may come to you during that 3am light bulb moment




Owner of Starfish Organisers Ltd, an organiser for your home, work or when life changes.

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