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Can I make money out of anything?

Yes. That’s the answer.  Quick and easy wasn’t it?!

Ignoring the illegal options(!), whilst it’s not as easy as “I love Facebook and am always on Facebook, I’ll get a job there” if you think about your skills, strengths and what you naturally enjoy it gives you a start.  Or, maybe you already know.  Even better, if you get one of those quizzes at work (not quizzes but serious, team building questionnaires such as Belbin) use it to your advantage outside your current job if you’re not happy.

Doing your own thing is the same as finding an ideal job and as cheesy as the saying is, once you work on something you love you never work another day again!  This is very true, I do feel like I’m taking the p!$$ everyday and not working at all but as long as the money is coming in it’s fine.

If being employed is for you, that’s great and to be honest, in some ways I wish that was my thing as it would be a lot less responsibility which I always thought was my weakness!  Luckily we are all different otherwise the world would be a very boring place and who would provide us chocolate?

For me, I didn’t get on in the Corporate world, it wasn’t for me.  Although I enjoyed it I never felt “at home” so I decided to start my own company 3 years ago as I’ve already mentioned in my first post.  Right thing, wrong time.  I knew it was the right thing though as I felt like I knew what I was (or would be) doing.

My strengths are organising, solving problems and finishing things / seeing things through. From this I looked work-wise (I was a Purchasing Manager / Buyer) what I enjoyed and put the 2 together, coming up with Virtual Assistant and Personal Organiser.  Sounds so simple right?  This has taken a few years, I left school not having a clue what I wanted to do!

So, whether you love pets (dog walker / sitter), travelling (travel agent/travel writer), food (personal cook/lunchbox provider – no idea if this is a “thing” but is a worst job for a lot of parents!), cars (mechanic/test driver)….the list can be endless and in the world of social media, you can find something even if you have to start something brand new no one has ever done before – even better!!

I tell so many people what I do, most people understand what a Virtual Assistant is but Personal Organiser, not so much.  I tell them about APDO UK and describe how I can help sort that drawer full of clutter or a whole garage / house.  This then gets them thinking and I am asked, “Is that a thing?”, yes, I do it as well as many others and we do make money out of it.

Have a think, what are you good at?  What do you enjoy most?  I promise, there is something out there and if you’ve already found it, enjoy every moment.





Owner of Starfish Organisers Ltd, an organiser for your home, work or when life changes.

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