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Lucky for some?

So I’ve been “live” with my own business since April this year.  I’ve been very lucky (as some say) that I have had clients since then to work with which has occupied my time.

I know of some businesses that set up and sit and wait for the clients to arrive (not easy) and some who have put themselves out there – no, not like that, in different ways to attract clients to them.  What works for some doesn’t work for all but using my contacts and a little bit of marketing I have had work.

I was lost a few years ago in my work life.  Having never known what I wanted to do since school (so left at 16 for a £6000 a year accounts assistant role) and this was after swearing I would never go in to accounts! I had fallen into buying and was treading water at a big corporate firm.  I lacked confidence which had always been an issue for me and, after speaking to some friends and doing some googling I found a life coach.  (some friends will say I needed therapy and still do but it’s good to be weird right?)

I contacted Louise at The Game of Life and started some phone sessions where we set some goals.  It was a lot more detailed to do but I’ll let you contact a life coach to find out more on this. Mine were :

  1. “Grab a grand” – Have £1000 in my bank account / get out of the dreaded red
  2. “Get fit” – I wanted to be able to run more than a bath
  3. “Gain confidence” – I lacked self esteem

So we broke this goals down and each fortnight discussed what I had done towards them.  I admit, at first I did end up doing everything the day before the call because I was “too busy”, something I have learnt now that you are never too busy it is just organising your priorities.

Louise has written a lot about mindset and I soon realised that although I thought having a grand in my bank account was completely unachievable, if I visualised what I wanted and started believing it would happen, it would.

Now, you will only believe this if you try it, but I promise you it works. (yeah, yeah, yeah heard it all before) I worked hard on visualisation and money came into my bank from places I wouldn’t have expected, grabbing a grand was a lot easier than I ever thought before – so much so we created new goals to work on as I achieved the original ones faster than I expected.

I am not saying that everything has been handed to me and life is easy.  It’s not.  You have to work hard which I will stress I am constantly doing at the moment.  I was always the employee who gave 110% (most days, Friday’s don’t count surely?) but now I am on my own I give 200% because it is working for me, I rely on me and the money doesn’t come in if I don’t work.

In the first 3 months I have spent as much time as possible working with the clients who got in contact via friends, my website and social media which left little time to work on my business and me.  This is fantastic and I take none of it for granted but as holidays are here I am putting more time aside to get the business as great as it can be.

As if by magic, Louise started business coaching earlier this year.  (I do believe in signs and that things happen for a reason) and, as one of my goals all those years ago was to start my own business I sent her an e-mail just updating her on what I’ve done since using the goals and methods she taught me ……IMG_1670

  1. Ran a marathon
  2. Carried the 2012 Olympic Torch
  3. Got promoted into management
  4. Got married
  5. Had a tiny human
  6. Overpaid my mortgage as well as staying out of the red
  7. Got confidence in myself
  8. Started my own business

After a Skype call yesterday we will be working together again.  I’m ridiculously excited by this as from what I achieved before I cannot imagine what I’ll achieve this time.  Obviously I’ll be keeping you all updated on how it is going but I cannot recommend finding someone who you can work with as a guide and mentor enough.  Have a look around you, there will be someone!



Owner of Starfish Organisers Ltd, an organiser for your home, work or when life changes.

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