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Where do you start and how do you have the time? Priorities.

More and more people are tired, exhausted, knackered, don’t have time for anything.

How can you not have time for anything?  Surely you have to do something?

I am a big believer that life is what you make it.  You want to be happy, you’ll be happy, you want drama, you will attract drama, want to be busy, well, depends what is meant by busy.

I am asked a lot about how I have the time to do things.  Right now I have a household to run which includes the other half, a 1 year old, dog, cat, guinea pig, 4 fishes and 3 chickens, a new business to build whilst working for my clients, fitness sessions 6 times a week and the normal running about for life chores.

I’ve spoken before about managing my time in a previous post and using it wisely which is important in work and play.  A lot of people don’t understand how I can go out on my own rather than find a part time job as working for yourself is seen as so much work / time especially when I have a small child to run around after.

When I was made redundant I was a buyer / purchasing manager / category manager, whatever the correct title is (am not great with titles but I basically purchased stuff and managed people) whilst on maternity leave.  Unfortunately – and I did look – there are no companies out there with those positions on a part time basis.  I then looked at full time but to work the same hours for the same package I was looking at commuting to London 5 days a week.  I’d made the decision to have a child and did not want to only see her at weekends so thought I’d make a go of it on my own.

Now there is no qualification in working for yourself, you can google / ask for help but you are still on your own.  One of the biggest changes for me was not having someone to answer to or check my understanding with.  So it does take longer to find out what needs doing and when plus having the motivation to do it.

It’s not easy but as with everything you need to break each task down, take a step back and go through what you need to do and prioritise what is most important.  It may be that you don’t enjoy what needs to be done but unless you can have someone do it for you (hire a virtual PA like me!) then you will need to get it done.  It’s a new thing that you won’t have done before and that’s what’s scary but everything has a first so yes, it’s new but doesn’t have to be scary – most of the time.

People have asked me where do you start and how do you fit everything in or even, I have an idea but not sure if it’s a “thing” – this is even better as normally means that no one else is doing it, locally at least. You need to be self-motivated and, if it makes it easier for you, plan your time.  I put everything in the diary to manage my time purely so I know when I can focus on what.  Then I know I have spent hours during the day working so do not feel guilty then going to bootcamp.  I prioritise between what needs to be done with time doing what I enjoy too.

Having your own business doesn’t suit everyone but, if there is something you want to do and it will make you happy I would highly recommend giving it a go. As a start, go to the HMRC website and have a look.  They’ve improved it loads over the last couple of years and break down starting your own business to make it easier.  Write a business plan, test your service or product out on some friends and family then, when you feel confident, start charging for your product or service.  Now that is really breaking it down and simplifying it but, I have clients and friends who have just done that and it works for them.

I am always happy to chat through any ideas or concerns about going on your own, get in touch and we can have a coffee – either over Skype or in “real life” as am passionate about people spending their time doing what they love most.



Owner of Starfish Organisers Ltd, an organiser for your home, work or when life changes.

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