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First clients, trial and error.

Since launching my business (still feels odd to say that – me, owning a business, really?! Surely am just play acting?!) I have had people get in contact asking how, what and that they would love to do it and are not sure where to start.  This is where the idea of starting this blog came from as I want to spread the word that 1. It is easier than people think, yes it is hard work and you only get out what you put in but actually getting going is not difficult and 2. it’s so important to be happy in what you do every day, you will not lie on your deathbed regretting doing what you love.

I’ve been fortunate in that I have had clients from day 1.  This was a case of having clients beforehand as I worked in my spare time and also spreading the word of what I was planning to do before actually starting or going “live” as some people say.

The biggest worry for most people is money.  Whether it is to live the life you want or pay your mortgage, when setting up a business it is a massive concern where the next payment or work will come from.  This is where the hard work comes in, you need to work to find clients.  Most of my work comes through recommendations as I am working with someone in their own business or home they want to know that I am reliable, great and the kind of person they are happy to share personal information with.

Once the clients come in then you have to start doing actual work.  The clients I had beforehand have been a bit trial and error.  When I say error, nothing drastic or awful has happened but there is always things you can improve on so the advice I have given people wanting to set out doing something in particular is to find a friend or family member they can work for or, “practise with”.  Work for free or for dinner but it will give you the confidence in doing what you want to do.  If you want to earn money from doing something in particular then chances are you are great at it already but you just need to practise.

The alternative is to train with someone else, think of Solicitors and Accountants.  They don’t suddenly start up out of nowhere.  They will work and train in a job role for another firm and work they way up within that firm or, start their own depending on what their ambitions are.  I must add here that if your ambition is to be an accountant and not own or manage a firm then that is fantastic, the main ambition is to be happy and do what you enjoy doing everyday.

There has been times when I’ve been unsure of what to do or how to do it but I’ve asked for help.  Either via google – that has an answer for everything, you just need to be careful of the helpful versus the crazy, or from a colleague or friend to bounce off, or from the client themselves to clarify something they said or requested.

There will be ups and downs and there will be jobs that you just don’t enjoy but that’s when you don’t offer them again.  Find the service and the work you actually enjoy doing and do that it will ensure that you stay happy working.



Owner of Starfish Organisers Ltd, an organiser for your home, work or when life changes.

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