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Who works on holiday?!

Every year we visit Devon and Cornwall for 2 weeks.  When I was in the Corporate world I started by taking my phone and checking my e-mails.  Luckily way back when wifi wasn’t as common or “free” so I couldn’t always be on there. Why did I do this?  Because I felt bad. You know that feeling when you leave work “on time” and everyone else is still at their desks, it can be the same when you are on holiday and actually turn your phone off for the whole duration.

It took me a long time (and a good manager) to realise that this was actually a state of mind.  No one was sat at their desks moaning that I hadn’t replied to anything whilst on holiday – well, you probably get that one person but they moan about everything don’t they? But, you earn your holiday so you should get to take it as holiday.  Phone off, in your desk drawer waiting for your Monday morning return.   I have to admit that I rarely did this even after my epiphany of not checking my e-mail or voicemail whilst away, mainly because at one point I was receiving 100 e-mails a day at least and clearing them could take all that Monday. So, I would do that before just for my own piece of mind and to feel like I had “caught up” so to speak.

I even had a flight cancelled once! How dare RyanAir! It was awful, I felt so guilty and would have found an alternative if I could – bit like when Meryl Streep is getting her PA to find a flight in “A Devil Wears Prada”, I was as stressed as Anne Hathaway was.  No one was putting that guilt on me but me, I was in control of my emotions and realistically could do nothing for 24 hours as RyanAir didn’t!

Now I am in control of everything, do I work, don’t I?  Actually no, I don’t want to.  Don’t get me wrong I still have a to do list for my return, am writing this and have done some of my coaching work as I enjoy that but it has been on my terms as and when I feel like it or have some time with nothing else to do.

This is another benefit of having my own business, being my own boss. Yes, I can and do feel guilty still but the moany person isn’t back in the office, no one is! I can’t even let my mind think who is sat there b!tching about me as no one is there to (let’s face it, we all love a good b!tch and have done it so someone will have done it back!)

So here I am writing this, on my penultimate day of my holiday as I felt inspired to and, because I actually enjoy it.  This is what having my own business is all about, not only is it on my terms, it is doing what I enjoy, not because I have to, someone tells me to or, I am guilted into it.  My biggest piece of advice if you are going into having your own business is to make sure you enjoy it as there is no other good reason for you to get your arse into gear and do the work at any time, especially on holiday!



Owner of Starfish Organisers Ltd, an organiser for your home, work or when life changes.

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