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Getting in the zone and being focussed

I’ve had that feeling this week, being in the zone, getting stuff done and powering through my to do list.  It’s an amazing feeling. You need that feeling though, especially on your own.  It’s hard to find but when you’re there you need to make the absolute most of it.

Depending on your work ethic as an employee which you should be aware of (or possibly in denial of) you need some self-arse kicking when working on your own.  Yes, the clients have asked you to do work and there may be a deadline for it but, if there’s not, it’s hard to get it done and get motivated occasionally.  (BTW I’m not saying I avoid work but it’s different when you don’t have someone standing over you!)

I’ll admit though, it’s taken me 6 months to get into a routine, not worrying that I’m not doing paid work but marketing for my own business.  It’s not an easy balance but I’m getting there, it’s very much a mindset thing especially when you are working from home and have so many distractions (some days my house has never been so clean – remember those days when you procrastinated over revision?!)

This week has had clarity though, I’ve lost my overwhelming feeling that there was too much to do and turned a corner.  It’s all in hand one way or another, I have a couple of on-going projects which is being made difficult by outside sources (IT) but, am finding a way around them and progressing in the right direction.

When you start there is a lot to do but, you need to break it down, put it into manageable realistic tasks such as – “Add photos to my website” rather than “Sort my website” (too vague) you can really start powering through the tasks.  Ask friends and family for help, I have (cheekily) asked friends for help knowing what their strengths are and also ask for feedback on what I write or produce.

You need the focus continually which is difficult when you have your own business, as you are not being paid if you’re having an “off day” spending more time at the coffee machine than normal. One thing I use is to have my ‘vision board’ behind me when I work from home so I keep my goals in sight and know what I am aiming for.  You need to work out what works for you and ask for help – like having someone to do your admin tasks – shameless plug, so you can focus on what you enjoy and why you started your business in the first place.

Feel like you can relate to this and need some organisation to help with focus, get in touch via phone – 07772 773992 or e-mail – If I am unable to help, I can find someone who can.



Owner of Starfish Organisers Ltd, an organiser for your home, work or when life changes.

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