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Collaboration v Competition

As long as I can remember I have just wanted to help people.  This is good, right?

Unfortunately people are wary of those who just want to help and I always get so many follow up questions when I tell people this.


What do you want in return?

You can’t just want to help surely, no one is that kind?

Well, OK, I do charge for my time when I work but I also give advice for free.  For the same reason I have created this blog, I also meet people who have got in touch since I started Starfish Organisers Ltd to ask how to start their business, becoming a VA, becoming a personal organiser and just going out alone into the self employed world.

This is the big thing, you are not alone, there are so many people out there in the same position who want to help and have someone else to bounce ideas off and one of those people is me.  I genuinely love helping people and want to see everyone else succeed. When I mention this to some they comment how I could be helping the competition and this could be a disadvantage to my business.  I get a kick out of seeing others meet their goals whilst achieving my own.  I’m not a business coach by any means but I like to help and share my learnings from experiences in my own business.

As an example I have visited various networking meetings, some of which have rules where only 1 of each type of service can attend.  Now, I get this in some ways but I also don’t understand.  All the other VAs or Organisers I have met have a) been lovely and b) specialise in different sectors or provide different services.  My thinking is that if we join forces we can send work each way as well as supporting each other when we experience similar issues.

This is probably why I didn’t “fit in” the Corporate world, where competition was expected and if you could get one up on someone else it was like a win.  It was very odd to me as I enjoy collaboration.  Especially where local micro businesses are concerned.  There’s a saying that when you are using a local business you are helping put a child through swimming lessons or someone save for their next personal goal instead of filling deep pockets.

I believe it is due to this I seem to spend so much of my time networking, well, talking to people and trying to help, referring people and bigging up other local companies.  All without paying any large fees.  This is what I am passionate about.  Helping local businesses. Of course it is great to get some business in return and receive help for my own business – every day is a school day and I am learning all the time.  Today’s reminder was to listen and take note, you will learn more listening than filling silence with your own voice.

Feel like you can relate to this, would like a chat about your own business or need some organisation in your business to help with focus? Get in touch via phone – 07772 773992 or e-mail –



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