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Do things straight away!

It’s always difficult when I recommend someone to a potential new client for their services and they reply “Yes, I’ve already contacted them but not heard anything.”  I never know what to say next so try to move on with a mental note to contact the person I’ve recommended.

It is difficult running your own business and there are always 1001 things to do which range from urgent to not so urgent to I could do this and it would be nice.  Unfortunately the nice, non urgent things sometimes take priority when they shouldn’t.  Especially when you are having a day where you’ve lost all motivation but have so much on your to do list you go off on a tangent and choose the easiest or nicest option!

The thing which is easy to forget is to phone people, get back to people and send e-mails when you said you would.  The majority of people like to hear from others and want to be wanted so, if they are interested in your business and ask for a call or a quote you should get in touch! ASAP!  Whilst you will / should have a niche and small target market anyone who is interested in being a client should be contacted for a follow up.

If someone is waiting for your call they will be disappointed if you don’t call or even send an e-mail.  There will be nothing worse than them telling others that you never called or got back to them. First impressions are so important and it is so easy to receive a recommendation and also easy to let people know when a business doesn’t respond.

Have you heard the saying; ‘When you have a good experience you tell one person but a bad and you tell 10’?  It’s the same but if anyone puts anything on social media, it can be bad times 100 (or however many friends a person has!)  This is why you need to contact people when you say you will, it only takes 1 comment of “They didn’t get back to me” or “By the time they called I found someone else” to give you the start of a bad reputation.

This is the same for completing work for client, when you have work to do, do it.  It’s all about managing customer expectations.  Promise what you can do and always do better, the more fantastic feedback you get, the more existing customers promote you and the more your business thrives! Win win win, makes sense surely?  Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen – why? I honestly don’t know the answer but we all do it, put things off, have other, more urgent stuff which comes up or even forget which happens. The important point is that you are in control, it’s your business and you can make a difference to everyone you work with.

The main thing is to learn from any mistakes – I am learning everyday. Organise and prioritise your workload, write everything and I mean EVERYTHING down so you don’t forget and manage your time to put your clients and potential clients first!

Feel like you can relate to this, would like a chat about your own business or need some organisation in your business to help with focus? Get in touch via phone – 07772 773992 or e-mail –



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