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Favourites, cliques and just being polite

You’ve started your business, you’ve taken on employees, you may have your own Facebook group or, just work for someone else and can relate to the situation.

How many times have you been on the outside of favouritism or a clique?  Or, even on the inside and you don’t even know it? The other half says that the guys are normally not even aware that they are involved, they think just everyones being nice – although I know some guys and they can be as bad as girls!

Online, real life, it scarily can end up in a not so nice situation when it comes to working with other people.  It’s not necessarily a difficult line or hard to balance but, sometimes a group of people can end up getting on better and then it can seem like favourites or, even that a clique has been created.

Unfortunately this makes the people on the outside feel inadequate or not part of the whole group which is a horrid feeling when you work in the same place or are part of a larger team.  Can it be stopped?

It’s harder to get out of once you have the problem but, yes, you can avoid it.

I am by all means not saying that you need to be best friends with everyone, the line is whether you are a colleague or a friend.  A bit like creating a wedding guest list, who would you take out for dinner and pay? Who will you be friends with if you didn’t work there? People will understand if you are not friends but only colleagues, they will feel the same as you, I promise.

First things first, involve the (relevant) whole team in plans.  Whether it is a smaller team and directly those working with you or, a larger team which is a team by name although you do different things.

Next, avoid private messages and e-mails. Yes, there are occasions where you and your friend e-mail each other about personal stuff but not everyone knows this.  Use text or go 1990 and call each other!  Don’t exclude specific people on e-mails or tags!

Create that line. If you don’t get on then you don’t get on. Avoid the person, be an adult about it, you don’t click but, if you need to work together don’t create an issue and be nice.

Finally, treat everyone the same at work, especially if you are in charge.  Some people are sensitive – others couldn’t care less but, if everyone is in the same camp then your conscience is clear.

What happens when you don’t?  People feel excluded, feel unhappy at work and leave, which is when you can lose the best ones! Don’t risk it – especially if it is your own business and you control a lot more than you realise!

The most important thing?  Just be polite to everyone, they may not be part of an inner circle or are outside of your normal team but it will make them feel better if you’re nice, welcoming and involve them where you can.

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