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Work Life Balance

Lots of people talk about work life balance but what do they actually mean.

For me, it is more about priorities, you may be someone who works to live or lives to work. The main thing being that you are happy and enjoy how you spend your time.

I have worked had for a Corporate company and now I am working hard for my own business. I wouldn’t say that either is easier and am not one to say everyone should work for themselves because it is the best thing ever because it is not for everyone.

I enjoyed my time being employed for 13 years. Yes, there were ups and downs, peaks and troughs but, in the main I did enjoy my time there. Unfortunately being made redundant it ended on a sad point, the offices were being moved over 100 miles away and I didn’t fancy a relocation or long commute 3 days a week. I do believe that everything happens for a reason though and it was time (I was on maternity leave when the decision was made) to have a change in lifestyle.

This is the key point. Everyone is at different stages of their lives, everyone has different priorities which is great as the world would be a boring place if we were all matchy-matchy!

When employed I made the job work for me. I worked the hours I was paid for, I achieved my savings targets year after year, I received positive feedback. I can say I achieved work life balance because I was strict with my time and what I needed to do. This was not always popular but as long as my team and line manager were happy then I was.

I am not saying that everyone agreed with me. As an example, I liked to come in early to beat the traffic and concentrate on certain tasks before everyone else arrived (it was an open plan office and I can be easily distracted) and then leave on time to spend the evening with friends and family. Not everyone was the same and may have thought the opposite so didn’t see that I was in early but didn’t stay late like they may have done. This can cause issues but, as mentioned above, everyone is different.

Since starting my own business I would say it has taken me 6 months to get into a routine and I still struggle. I would say work life balance is harder but this is mainly due to my work shifting into being more important to me. It is important that I succeed, make money (we need to eat!) and achieve my business goals.

I cannot stress though that it is important to me. As it was when I was employed – nothing has changed in that regard, I am working to improve myself and I am happier with my own business, much happier because it suits me better.

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