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Christmas shopping, plans and goals

Whether you start in the January sales or push through the crowds on Christmas Eve, Christmas shopping is always an event.

This year I thought I had ages, you’re in November thinking you have all the time in the world and it’s a bit wrong to start before December anyway and then, bam, it’s 16th December, you have boxes and bags round the house and still haven’t finished!!

This year has been a bit busy, having a one year old, starting my own business, the other half going solo again alongside life as it happens. So when it has come to Christmas shopping I’ve been organised but some things have been left later than I would have liked.

Gone are the days when I could walk into Bury St Edmunds town at lunchtime, wandering round for ideas, buying gifts and going out for Christmas lunches.  Popping in when I’d run out of paper the night before and posting cards in advance of the busiest day for Royal Mail.

I started the business with a January 2017 goal – I had to be earning enough working on my own business by Christmas and, if not, I’ll have to get a “proper” job in January.  This included a budget for Christmas.  I always try and have an idea of what I want to spend at Christmas although have learnt over the years to buy people what I think they may like rather than checking price tags and sticking to an agreed budget.

Every other year we’ve had a normal, weekly routine which was easy to work around but this year hasn’t been as easy.  Juggling work, home and the extras of Christmas has needed more organisation.  I created a calendar for December to help get more organised for Christmas.

If you’re feeling like me, download and take a look, we’re nearly there but hopefully it can still help!


No matter how you organise Christmas, when you buy presents, how much you spend (hopefully within a budget) it’s cliche but, the important thing is to spend time with the people you care about most.

I’m lucky, I’ll be spending Christmas period with the people I love most and I’ve achieved my goal within my business for 2016 so here’s to 2017 and the goals it will bring.  Christmas should be fantastic, make sure it’s a great one!

Seeing up your own business and feeling a bit disorganised? Get in touch via E-mail or Phone as I’d love to hear how I can help you with your business.

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Owner of Starfish Organisers Ltd, an organiser for your home, work or when life changes.

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