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Goals, how will your 2017 go?

In November someone asked me whether I started the year planning to turn my work-life upside down.  Fair question, I started 2016 as a full-time employed Buyer (albeit on Maternity leave) with a good salary, lots of benefits, travel and great team around me.  I’ve ended 2016 employed by my own limited company, on less than a third of the salary with no benefits or travel working with a number of great teams.

This made me think back to all the other years.  It’s no secret that I worked with a life coach in the past and since then have created goals each year which I have mostly achieved.  From fitness goals to goals I wouldn’t have dared dream of to monetary and travel goals.

Each year for a number of years I have taken part of my life and turned it on it’s head and 2017 will be no different apart from one thing. Next year it is not about me it is about you.

I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to put myself first for the last few years and in a way I am still putting myself first but am also putting all my friends, family and new found colleagues slightly ahead of me.

Controversial? Possibly.  I’ve spent years telling everyone to put themselves first as no one else will do the same for you and now I’m not doing it.

This year has been hard work setting up the business, networking and building up what was initially an idea which has unfortunately meant important things haven’t happened or I’ve missed completely.  I’ve forgotten a lot, luckily my friends know me well enough to remind me what I’m doing each day but in some cases I have missed birthdays, anniversaries and parties which is not good.

This is why next year I’m putting everyone else first, staying away from social media (apart from work) as it’s hard to say “I don’t have the time” when you know you’ve just procrastinated on Faceache for the last 45 minutes and living life in the present rather than online or in the past.

I’ll still be building on the previous years; building up my fitness, travelling more, looking after the family and continuing with my business objectives as they’ve become a way of life rather than habits or goals which is the only way I can change for the longer term.

I’m always inspired by other peoples goals, let me know what your goals are, how you plan to stay inspired and on track, what motivates you and how you stay on target on those days when you just want to stay under the covers…..which by the way is definitely worth doing once in a while!

Here’s to a fantastically organised 2017!

Seeing up your own business and feeling a bit disorganised? Get in touch via E-mail or Phone as I’d love to hear how I can help you with your business.

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