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Busy Busy Busy

I’ve just seen that my last blog post was 2 months ago.  My plan for 2017 was that I would write more as I’m no longer posting a picture every day – that has really not happened.

For the last 3 weeks I’ve been thinking I must write a blog post but I’ve never gotten around to it, there’s other things to do, or, when I sit down my mind goes blank as to what I should be doing.  So, I have gone back to the beginning. Wrote a list, prioritised the list and and working through it.  Am ensuring I have reminders on my phone that I don’t ignore with deadlines for things to be done.

For the month of February I am posting on @starfishorganisers each day with a tip and information on how to be organised.  I start with time (because, let’s face it that’s the most important thing and you can’t get it back!), then “stuff” and am currently on the third week talking paper – then the last week will be digital.

Be taking small steps it is easier to become more organised.  Maybe you can be similar to me and have a couple of hours charging through the house and to do list which makes you feel so much better about life.  Whatever way you do it, find that way and avoid procrastinating!

For the last 6 weeks (yes, we are 6 weeks into 2017 already!) we have been so busy.  I am constantly asked how we do it.  Am I tired?  Yes, Valentines evening I fell asleep at 9.30pm – oops! But I won’t go as far as saying I am too busy, I may mutter it when i have those not sure where to start moments however, some people use it as an excuse.  How often do you hear “I’m just too busy at the moment” or “I’ve got so much work on I can’t do that right now” for things that are in their normal routine or things they should be doing because it is their job!

Hands up, I was one of these people when in the Corporate World, constantly moaning about how I was too busy.  It even became some sort of sad competition between other members of the team about who was the busiest or had the most important things to do – how crazy does that sound?! What did it achieve? Stress, worry and just general negativity and bad feeling amongst the team.  Everyone felt that they were genuinely the busiest and most stressful person making them actually quite alone and dare I say it, selfish.

The truth is, everyone is busy, everyone has an important role at work, at home or doing what you enjoy.  It is more about how you prioritise!

A better way of working would be to share the load with the team.  It’s like something you may volunteer for, you do it because you enjoy it and want to help others so working with a team and as a team is less lonely and more enjoyable.  Treat work like this, break down tasks and discuss them with the rest of the team.  If you have too many, someone else may have less and can help or, you may find that there’s a better way of doing things which is far more efficient.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and consider what you are doing and talk  to those around.  You will feel better and even decrease the to do list – I promise!

Seeing up your own business and feeling a bit disorganised? Get in touch via E-mail or Phone as I’d love to hear how I can help you with your business.

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