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Social Media and Work

Am not talking about social media for work, this post is about social media about work.

We all have those days, the ones where you just want to rant or can’t believe what has happened.  Now it is more tempting to put something on social media.  Whether it is a half attention-seeking post (I’ll PM you) or a meme or a straight forward direct comment, everyone has done it at some point unless you are very very strict, careful or do not use social media at all.

Unfortunately it is in those moments that it is more tempting to write something and you forget your normal rules (if you have any).  Personally I believe your personal and business pages should always be positive, there’s enough negativity in the news! If there is a post or details to share which can be negative then it’s worth adding to the post about how you will work to make a change, people react better to positivity.

The rule I apply is that anything I post I would shout out from my front door or write, print and put a poster up in the street with my name attached to it.  Many people still think that they won’t be found or that no one will see their posts.  The other question to ask is if you think no one will see your posts then why post it in the first place?!

Recently I’ve seen people who work in confidential positions writing comments and sharing negative things about what they do for a living or, even worse – their clients!  Maybe to show a bit about what they do or maybe just to vent in some way.  Why is it a good idea not to do this?  Some reasons are below………

  1. What you post will be found.  If someone wants to see it they will. I promise.
  2. Being negative about most things will lose some respect.
  3. Moaning and doing nothing doesn’t get very far plus it gives a bad impression
  4. The first thing employers do when receiving a job application is to google the person
  5. No one will ever say, follow this person / befriend so and so, their posts are brilliant

Think about your next post, is it proactive, is it positive? I once received a CV, googled the person and their Facebook page came up.  With no privacy settings I could see their whole profile, their last post – “Why do I bother driving to work to sit and do nothing all day and drive home again? Waste of time”  Would you ask that person in for an interview?




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