Hey, thanks for stopping by, my name is Sarah Boxall and I am the Owner of Starfish Organisers Ltd which I set up in April 2016.

Welcome to my first business-y blog. ¬†After a lot of research for my business plan I found a lot of advice and “how to’s” on starting a business, getting it up and running and making millions – there seems to be so many people who have accomplished so much so easily but never really go into the detail….

I thought, to be different, I would write about my experience. First hand and current with every learning and achievement along the way.

I’ll be sharing reviews on other businesses / products, what has worked for me along the way and what hasn’t, I am not sponsored in any way so if I recommend anything it is because I have used the product or service myself so is first hand feedback.

Please share, comment, like and feedback on any thoughts or suggestions. I’m learning something new everyday so please get in touch as it would be great to hear from you.