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What happened to feedback?

Is it just me or do you rarely get feedback anymore?

Years ago references for jobs changed where “you couldn’t give a bad reference” however, if you receive just confirmation of work dates you immediately think something is up – which, is a problem in itself as some companies may contact head office instead of the outlet who will only give dates.  Bad start.

In some jobs and industries there is so much networking and contact between various companies people already know each other and have had conversations before anyone has even applied for a job.  Or, some jobs are created for particular people! This is fine for the person who is in mind but not for anyone else who applies.  They will get a no thanks but no real reason as to why they are not ideal for the role.

Then there are jobs and industries where it is straight forward, a job is created or someone leaves a current role so the company advertises for someone new.  Many people apply, interviews happen, one person is chosen and starts as soon as they can.  All simple and completely straight forward? Hopefully sometimes but doubtful.

Having been on all sides it is not an easy process.  From being the interviewer to the interviewee and all in-between – yes, there are people in-between who may be asked to look at CVs or even sit in interviews for various reasons even though they may not be directly related to the role in mind.  Interviewing is difficult but it doesn’t have to be.

My main issue is feedback.  I had to interview for one of my team once and the person had been pre-interviewed by HR.  (The same HR who provided interview training)  Great, I thought, I will only have to ask more technical questions related to the role and give scenarios to ensure they understand what the role would entail.  Unfortunately the person arrived not dressed appropriately and within the first minute told me a story of shouting at their line manager across the office.  Wow.

If I do not get a role and receive the standard “thanks but no thanks” e-mail I ask for further information on why as it will always help me improve.  I thought this was common sense, surely if someone genuinely wants to improve they will ask for honest feedback?  I don’t know.  So far I’ve had a rejection 3 times recently.  Only once have I received some honest feedback even though I asked all 3 for it (1 being public sector!) None ever met me and only received references, details of what I can do which matched over and above what they were looking for and information on me.  Unfortunately I’ve no idea where I went wrong and why I wasn’t suitable to meet.

If I am asked for feedback, I will always be honest whether it is what people want to hear or not – anything negative is worded as an improvement into a positive.  It means the person can improve, they may not choose to but I feel I have done my bit.  Plus, there is nothing worse than you not saying anything and then someone else stating the obvious! A bit like when you don’t tell that person they have spinach in their teeth!

Do you always get feedback?  Do you always give feedback?  If not, why not?  Is it due to a lack of time or just not sure what to say? I’d love to hear from you, let me know your thoughts.

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Has everyone else got it easy?

Having your own business is a bit like social media.  People only like to share the fun, nice and easy stuff.  It feels like everyone else is cruising along with things going well and straight forward for them, no one talks about the behind the scenes administration and “boring tasks” along with those days where you just have too much to do and no idea where to start!

Everyone has those days where productivity isn’t great and the to do list is too long.  It’s the time when you’re faced with too much to do that you end up procrastinating and faffing or, just doing the easy and quick tasks to feel like you’ve achieved something.

I had that week last week, I’d eaten too much sugar for a few days and felt tired from doing too much (I always go through phases of burning myself out and need to take a couple of days off) in the Corporate world I could guarantee I would get flu on Boxing day when my body finally gave up!  It didn’t help when I had a client booked in, had confirmed via e-mail but when I turned up they were not home……lesson number 54, always take a deposit to confirm a booking!!

When things go wrong it feels like everything is going wrong, you know those days when it feels like everything isn’t going your way and you wished you’d stayed in bed.  Everyone has them but no one talks about them well, not when you have your own business-everyone moans at their desks when employed.  I think that it’s not spoken about because you have to get on with it, there’s no one to kick you up the arse and no one to pick up the slack.  it’s all you, you, you.

I powered through last week, didn’t even write a blog post as I wasn’t in the “zone”. Which is not a great time to write as nothing seems to come to mind very easily and being a positive person it is difficult to share when things are not great-it sounds like a constant moan (I moaned enough for a lifetime when I was younger so avoid it now!) but here I am admitting that it was tough.  I had overdone it but you can’t slow down when there’s no one else to pick up the pieces.  So, I kept going until last night I managed 10 hours sleep – this isn’t solid sleep due to pet issues but it was still 10 hours! I’ve been back on it today, got lots of jobs done, cleared down my e-mails, updated my diary and got back in the zone.

Sometimes we need a day off, and I don’t mean a day at home as that doesn’t necessarily mean a day doing nothing – I spent an afternoon on one of my non-work days (when I’m not working I have a 18 month old to look after) on the sofa.  I felt so guilty I couldn’t relax, also because I had to keep an eye on the tiny human but, it’s not a proper day off.

I now have to diary time to have time off, how random does that sound?! It’s true though and ensures I do take a break and do nothing, if only by getting 10 hours sleep!

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